The Bogalusa Chamber of Commerce . . .


Bogalusa, Louisiana, the only city in Washington Parish, is known as "The Magic City."  Founded in 1906, Bogalusa was incorporated on July 4, 1914.  The Chamber was chartered on August 5, 1920, with 65 members; today our membership totals nearly 300.

Mission Statement

The Bogalusa Chamber of Commerce...
A group of people -
primarily business people, professionals, and concerned citizens -
working together to make our community a better place to live, work and prosper.

608 Willis Avenue Bogalusa, LA 70427

Phone (985) 735 - 5731    Fax (985) 735-6707


Visit our news page to see information about upcoming events and festivals in the Bogalusa area

Information taken from the "Team City" brochure and "Facts and Figures - - Washington Parish, the Corner of Opportunity" brochure; these list census figures, financial institutions, wage info, etc. 


Information derived from the Chamber's "Progress Profile" list of services, and from the bi-monthly newsletter "Looking Up."


Info compiled from our "Membership Directory/Newcomers' Guide/ Buyers' Guide" containing alphabetical and categorical listings of chamber members; additionally lists newcomer info, public officials, organizations, churches, etc.


Information chosen from Washington Parish Tourism Commission's "Scenic Byways Backways" brochure; additionally lists farms, antique shops, recreation, restaurants, etc.


Information for new Bogalusa residents.



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